With the rise of language models, clean, inclusive and responsible datasets are essential to creating products without racial, ethnic and gender bias. Phonologie is an NGO that partners with universities, schools, and organizations to collect clean datasets to challenge exisiting bias in AI by creating newly trained models with inclusive representation for more equitable, fair and open access.


Shawna Doherty, Founder, created several multi-language + literacy programs. One was in a longitudinal study by NYU + found to have 87% academic gains. BA English. Grad in Multicultural + Urban Ed. Post-grad in Data, Econ + Policy, MIT.
Tamer Karatekin, Product Manager, Senior Software Architect at Oracle. Created many ML NLP products. Former National Chess Champion of Turkey. Founder of Deep Sea Chess. BS in Computer Science. Grad in Data, Econ + Policy, MIT.
Dr. Bryce Johnson, Director of Linguistics, PhD Duke University. Fluent in 5 languages. Develops curriculum for langague testing. Oversees research data collection and internships at Neumann University.

Advisory Board

Elizabeth Tam, Business Advisor, Senior Product Manager at American Express, former AMEX Travel Chief of Staff & journalist. Expertise in Product Management, Strategy, International Business & Finance.
Ram Periathiruvadi, Senior Technology Advisor. Spent 20+ years in Senior Software Engineer Management at Google, Apple + Meta creating cool products such as autonomous vehicles.

Research Partnerships

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