We use them to isolate accents, dialects, and nuances in speaking so that current voice recognition models will start recognizing them as a specific accent instead of returning an error.

This is important to create more inclusive voice models that serve EVERYONE!

Only internal team members or those working directly on the project. We do not share your video, image, audio or writing samples with any 3rd parties.

No! Your videos are anonymized and encrypted in our system so they are not connected to your personal data. We do not share your image, audio, video or writing with any 3rd parties, however, we do share the anonmized datasets in a machine only readable format.

We do keep and track information pertaining to primary, secondary language, age, and region because they are important to the study but we do not share any of that information in connection with your personal identity whatsoever.  

Yes! You will be provided with an encrypted key native to you upon completion of the interview. In your request, we will need you to provide that number so we can access your file in order to delete it.

Yes! We follow all provisions put forth by COPPA. For individual children under 13, we require parental consent to participate. For students enrolled in schools, we work with the school to gather institutional, parental and student consent. You can read more about COPPA here:  https://www.ftc.gov/legal-library/browse/rules/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule-coppa

Yes! We comply with all EU Privacy standards. You can read more about your rights here: https://commission.europa.eu/law/law-topic/data-protection/data-protection-eu_en

We love to work with schools! Opening access in education products is at the heart of our work!

Students Under 13

If you have students under the age of 13, we require institutional and parental consent. Please fill out this application here:


Students Over 13

If you have students over 13, please fill out this application:

We love to work with organizations! Please fill out this application here:

Do you provide cross-promotion or co-marketing opportunities?

Sure! We love to co-market with schools, organizations and companies who are committed to impacting change! 

Reach out to us at:  hello@phonologie.io with ideas on how we can work together!

We love to add research partners not only for our project initiatives but at looking at ways we can collaborate with other organizations who might provide a new lens of development.

Please reach out to us here:  hello@phonologie.io

Have a specific question that we didn’t address here? Please click on this link: https://phonologie.io/submit-ticket/ so we can get back to you!